Paradise Excursions have specialized in the art of personalized guided tours of St. Lucia’s historical and natural trails for several years. Our tours are educational, informative and truly an experience, not withstanding some of the most spectacular and panoramic views in the Caribbean. You come away learning not just about the beautiful island of St. Lucia but also enjoy the company of a well informed group of individuals that pay attention to your every need making your tour one that would be truly memorable.

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We want your experience to be a positive one. Our guides and tours are completely flexible and will work with your schedule and desire to enjoy the island. Let us know what you would like to do and we will customize any tour to meet your needs.


The Gros Piton Tour by Taxi

Conquer the Gros Piton!

Enjoy a scenic and educational drive to the town of Soufriere {home of the twin peaks,drive in volcano,mineral waterfall,lovely beaches}.

At a historical village you will begin a moderate to strenuous {challenging hike} to the top of gros piton{ONE of ten things your must do in the world before you die}At the end of the hike then to visit the active volcano where you can enjoy a wonderful bath in the hot spring.

- Water is provided

Please call  (758) 723-2930 or email us at for more details.


Land and Sea Tour

Land and sea fun and adventure to Soufriere!

We pick you up from the cruise ship port or your hotel with speed boat and we ride the west coast on the Caribbean sea.We have on board,rum punch,water and peanut punch. We do quick stops at Marigot bay, Anse Maine,,Bat cave and more.Arrive in Soufriere you will be put on taxi to visit the many sites /attractions in Soufriere,e.g. waterfall,volcano {mud bath}, Diamond Botanical garden, mineral fall,Tet Paul nature trail,Zip Line,local restaurant,Cocoa plantation and more.After which we stop at Sugar beach or Anse Chastanet for snorkeling and swimming and then back to the ship or hotel.The price is USD:60,per person .Note; you pay your entrance at any of the site/attraction you want to visit.

Please call  (758) 723-2930 or email us at for more details.


The Shopping and beach tour of Elegance

Enjoy a full day of shopping and elegance!

  • Eudovic Art Studio

  • Castries Market

  •  Caribell Batix

  • Marigot Bay

  • Rum Distillery

  • Mornfortune Historical Site

  • Beach is optional

Please call  (758) 723-2930 or email us at for more details.


Sunset Sailing all inclusive

Experience a beautiful sunset sailing with multiple activities!

  • Combination of sailing, snorkeling and a beautiful sunset sailing

  • Refreshments, Champagne and Hors d'oeuvre included

  • Enjoy views of the Pitons

Please call  (758) 723-2930 or email us at for more details.


Evening Sailing from Soufriere:

Experience the beauty and wonder of St. Lucia's rainforest!

Meet this caring guide {John} who is a nature lover as he walk you through the beautiful reserved rain forest of St.Lucia.While the sound of endemic and lovely birds permeate the air,lean about the trees,plants,and other element the make the rain forest unique. John is a trained guide and is the founder of the Tet Paul nature trail is Soufriere.He knows much about nature.

  • Easy to moderate 2 1/2 hiking with a great chance to see the multi coloured unique St.Lucia Parrot

  • Water is included

Please call  (758) 723-2930 or email us at for more details.


The All Inclusive Zip-line Tour of St. Lucia

Zip your way through St. Lucia's rainforest!


Enjoy the day zip lining through the jungle!
You will be pick up in AC taxi at you location to do a nature drive to one of the world's best Zip line.

  • World class zip-lining in the heart of the rainforest

  • Sightseeing of the Atlantic Ocean

  • Rum punch Included

Please call  (758) 723-2930 or email us at for more details.


The Scuba Diving and Adventure

Discover the Caribbean ocean coral reefs of St. Lucia!

Memorable and adventurous scuba diving in the warm sea and coral reef in Soufriere.Swim with beautiful fishes and harmless sea creatures and enjoy the colorful reefs at the under water rocks of the Piotns.Tour includes pick up and back.


Please call  (758) 723-2930 or email us at for more details.


The Gros Piton Tour by boat {all inclusive} on St. Lucia

Enjoy a scenic and educational boat ride to the base of Gros Piton


The hike begin at sea level through the forest to the very top!

  • Moderate - straineous {challenging hike

  • Water is provided

  • Swimming /snorkeling at black sand beach

Please call  (758) 723-2930 or email us at for more details.


The Juice of Soufriere Volcanic Mud Baths of St. Lucia

Experience Soufriere like a local!


This adventurous tour is done in the beautiful town of Soufriere and its surrounding{St.Lucia's ideal town for nature lovers} .Enjoy swimming blissful waterfall,walk through the wondrous Diamond botanical garden,enjoy the breathtaking views of the twin pitons,relax in mineral waterfall,not forgetting the natural Jacuzzi in the drive in volcano and also lay lazy on the gorgeous beaches between the Pitons.

  • Walking educational tour of the Soufriere historic town

  • Mud bath in the Sulphur Springs

  • Piton falls and Sugar beach

  • Complimentary drink {local rum punch}

Please call  (758) 723-2930 or email us at for more details.


The Tet Paul (Stair-way to Heaven) Tour of St.Lucia

A vacation day to remember!!


Note;{Tour includes pick up and drop off.}


Tet Paul nature trail is a community Eco tourism development by the locals of an urban village in Soufriere. The tour starts where you are picked up at your location by your guide/taxi driver who will shares some histories of the country, its government and its friendly people. Enjoy the scenic winding road that lead to the breathtaking view of the Twin Pitons and much more.Meet the local people and sample local fruits,learn their way of life.Enjoy wonderful creole cuisine,have fun in the mud bath at the Sulphur Springs swim in Waterfall, walk in the Diamond Botanical garden enjoy sweet fragrance natural flowers,Black sand beaches, Mineral Fall ,Cocoa Plantation,Creole restaurants in Soufriere. All along the road there are stops made to accommodate you and your taste buds, to sample and buy locally made products like Banana Ketchup, Spice rum etc. Then into the quaint piece of heaven that is called Tet Paul. This name alone has history attached to it. The tour of the trail starts with a tour guide who is very knowledgeable and patient. He makes you want to soak in everything he says. What an experience. The scenery is glorious. The pitons are miles apart but look so close. The valley between them is so colorful and inviting. I can go on and on but I leave it up to you to see for yourself. St. Lucia's treasure (TET PAUL) is waiting for you. Come visit soon.


Please call  (758) 723-2930 or email us at for more details.

Hiking, Beach and Boat tour

Land and Sea Delight!

We pick you up at your resort/ship port.Then take you to an urban village where you begin a down hill scenic hike about 45 minutes,to a wonderful black sand beach.At the beach you can do swimming and snorkeling or just relax and enjoy local rum punch, piton beer and snacks for about 2 hours.Then pick up by a boat to Soufriere historic town.This is a unique experience only offer by Paradise Excursions.

Please call  (758) 723-2930 or email us at for more details.

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